The Petroleum Directorate is the technical arm of the Ministry of Energy that deals with all issues related to oil and gas. It is made up of two sub sectors; the upstream and the downstream sub sector.

The Petroleum Upstream sub-sector consists of:

  • Activities which involves exploration, development and production of oil and gas from oil or gas fields, and
  • Activities, which consist of the transportation of oil and gas to the oil refinery or gas processing plant, respectively referred to as midstream activities.

Upstream Sub-Sector

The objectives of the Upstream Sub–sector is to ensure the effective management of the oil and gas resources of the country and also accelerate exploitation of  and development of new hydrocarbon resources for the overall benefit and welfare of all Ghanaians, present and future. Government is further committed to attracting increased local value-added investments in the oil and gas sector and the indigenization of knowledge, expertise and technology. The main objectives of the upstream sub sector are:

Downstream Sub-Sector

The objectives of the petroleum downstream Sub –sector are to rehabilitate and expand petroleum refining, storage, distribution and marketing infrastructure; ensure fair distribution of petroleum products to all parts of the country and reduce heavy burden of oil imports on the country’s economy by accelerating the exploitation of indigenous hydrocarbon resources.