National Goal

Within the context of energy sector vision, the goal of the energy sector is to make energy services universally accessible and readily available in an environmentally sustainable manner.

 Energy Sector Objectives

  • The policy objectives to achieve this goal are to:
  • Secure long term fuel supplies for the thermal power plants;
  • Reduce technical and commercial losses in power supply; Information from Energy Commission
  • Support the modernisation and expansion of energy infrastructure to meet growing demands and ensure reliability;
  • Increase access to modern forms of energy;
  • Improve the overall management, regulatory environment and operation of the energy sector;
  • Minimise the environmental impacts of energy supply and consumption through increased production and use of renewable energy and make energy delivery efficient;
  • Ensure cost recovery for energy supply and delivery;
  • Ensure the productive and efficient use of energy;
  • Promote and encourage private sector participation in the energy sector; and
  • Diversify the national energy mix by promoting renewable energy sources nuclear and coal