Official Handing Over of Atigagome Mini-Grid system To VRA

The Ministry of Energy on June 29, 2018, officially handed over the Solar PV Mini-grid system constructed under the Ghana Energy Development and Access Project (GEDAP) with funding support from the World Bank to the Volta River Authority (VRA) at Atigagome in the Sene East District of the Brong-Ahafo District. The project is providing 24-hour electricity service to a population of over 1,500.

The project is the first of its kind in Ghana and has led to significant improvement in the livelihood of the rural island dwellers in the areas of health, education, social functions, economic empowerment and security. The project constitutes a significant step in Ghana’s march towards its agenda of universal energy access by 2030 since a sizable portion of the un-electrified communities in the country, representing approximately 20% of Ghana’s population reside in practically inaccessible island and lakeside communities.

Communities such as Aglakope in the Krachi West District of the Volta Region, Kudorkope in the Krachi East District of the Volta Region, Wayokope in the Sene East District of the Brong-Ahafo District, and Pediatorkope in the Ada East District of the Greater Accra Region have all benefited from this project.

Furthermore, Government is working assiduously to ensure that three (3) additional mini-grid systems will be installed in Aflive, Alokpem and Azizakpe island communities in the Ada East District. Additionally, under the Scaling Up Renewable Energy Program (SREP) supported by the Climate Investment Fund (CIF) and the African Development Bank, fifty-five (55) more islands and lakeside communities are earmarked to be served through mini-Grid systems.